Handcrafted Bespoke Live Edge and Reclaimed Furniture

Do things differently.
Don't compromise.

We do things a little differently here at Wicked. We create extraordinary live edge slab and reclaimed tables, and they’re all ready for you to purchase. There are no short cuts – each piece is handcrafted from individually selected pieces of timber – but we know how frustrating it is to wait months for a piece of furniture once you know what you want, so we do all the hard work before you see them.

Each slab is utterly unique and we stock a wide variety of timbers, including Oak, Maple and Walnut. We can’t ever make the same one twice, so you can feel more than a little special in the knowledge that no one else in the world will have a table quite like yours.

This is Wicked. This is for you.

Innovative Design.

Meticulously Hand Crafted.


Each table we buildĀ is as inimitable as your fingerprint. The grain of each slab has been forged over hundreds of years, through growth, through weather, through bumps, knocks and even a long-forgotten infection.

It brings with it a history. It cannot be rewritten or edited – only celebrated. Honoured.

That’s what we do.