The Dining Table: Reimagined


Each piece meticulously sourced & selected by hand


Proudly made in England & delivered throughout Europe


Entirely designed & crafted in house

Storytelling in wood, written in Hertfordshire

Wicked Mata furniture is proudly handmade in Hertfordshire using salvaged and reclaimed wood. Our team savour every second working with the very best materials; Walnut, Maple, Burl, Oak and – where it all started – Reclaimed Boxcar. Each piece of timber is labelled with species, origin, and harvest date. But that’s just where the story begins.

Nature is our greatest storyteller. That’s why we embrace the knots, curious grain patterns, and unique colour variations which give each piece of wood its individuality. Our tables aren’t made for a home, they’re made for your home.

Planed, hand-cut, sanded and stained right here in our wood shop, every piece is a testament to our team’s exceptional skill and creative passion. We jump at the chance of working with remarkable timbers and nothing pleases us more than shipping off a beautiful piece that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Once the piece arrives it becomes a central part of your home or working life. We do this because we believe in craft, and we know you do too.

That’s why we’re Wicked.

A bespoke table in 3 easy steps

  1. Consultation

After contacting us, either through our Get a Quote form or by calling our lovely team on 01462 512029, you’ll meet with one of our dedicated designers to create a brief. This is a perfect opportunity to discuss ideas, inspiration and to go deeper into what you would like to achieve. Our artisans will show you some of our finished pieces, stunning live edge slabs and reclaimed tables, walking you through our Hertfordshire showroom before giving a tour of our workshop. We will show you how the particular colour, figure and shape of each slab will inform your design, helping to direct your unique vision of the piece we’ll create – one that can never be replicated.

  1. Manufacture

Once you are satisfied with your design, the manufacturing process begins. We use solid, sustainably sourced timber with a story to tell. After salvage, the timber that will become your table is milled and seasoned. Our craftsmen then set to work cutting the timber to length, working with the edges, then sanding the table to perfection before it’s sprayed to ensure a remarkable finish. Every step of fabrication is managed in-house to ensure exceptional quality. We’ll keep you informed throughout the whole process, from timber selection to aftercare, sending you photos of your finished piece too. As is the beauty of custom furniture, we have a selection of Wicked table bases available or you have the choice to opt for an alternative supplier.

  1. Completion & Delivery

Your table will be ready in 2 – 3 months. After completion the finished table will be hand delivered by us on a day of your choosing. Depending on your access requirements, we’ll deliver the table with the legs already attached, or we’ll assemble the table ourselves in your chosen space. We will ensure every step has been completed to your satisfaction before leaving you with a bespoke handcrafted piece you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Enquire now through our Get a Quote form or contact us on 01462 512029