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‘Matter’: Middle English: via Old French from Latin materia ‘timber, substance’, also ‘subject of discourse’.

Build beautiful furniture

from the world’s beautiful trees.

Then give back to the world.

We’ve got a real, all-consuming love for what the world can give us. The beauty of each slab we work on is unmistakeable; carved by nature, weather and time – so it’s our duty to respect that. We work on each slab by hand, picking out each one’s unique characteristics and celebrating every knot, split and ripple. We think that shows in our finished tables – we keep each one true to its roots. Quite literally.

And those trees? They need putting back into the world. In September 2017 we bought our own patch of the earth to plant them in – 19.4 acres of ancient English woodland in the Hertfordshire countryside, to be exact. Left mistreated and forgotten for decades, we’re on a mission to restore it to its former glory. Replant, regrow, revitalise.


I was lucky enough to stumble across Wicked’s first online shop and contacted them to ask for a table for my kitchen. I was told to come and see the warehouse before I bought the table just by looking at a picture online. When I arrived and saw the table I was absolutely blown away! The table is more like a piece of art. People who come over can’t help but stroke and stare at it.

Delivery was next day and the whole team at wicked were so helpful and delightful to work with from start to finish. When the table arrived I was so happy and had so many compliments that I decided to talk to Toby and ask him to make me another larger table for my dining room. I knew the colour and size I wanted and Toby sourced the wood and kept me in the loop throughout production. He was so helpful and was happy changing the legs when I wasn’t sure of the design of the legs that came with the table.

I am now the lucky owner of two stunning tables, we all get so much enjoyment from them and I’m sure they will be passed down to my children and grandchildren as they are so well made and beautiful.

I would highly recommend Wicked they truly are wicked!!!

NinaEuropean Walnut Dining Table

The Mata Team

Nishma Hardman

Director, Forklift Driver

Scott Partington


Toby Hardman

Maker, Designer, Director

Richard Booth


Kayly Shadbolt

Operations Manager

Martyn Crawley

Metal Shop Manager

Anna Whelan

Creative Assistant, Sales

Myron Norman

TIG Welder


A little insight into what happens when we try to make serious videos about who we are and what we do...!

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A little taster of things to come... we can't wait! #watchthisspace

Posted by Wicked Mata on Thursday, July 6, 2017