Walnut Dining Table | Geometric Steel Base


  • Dimensions || L:240cm, W:90cm, H75cm
  • Leg Design || Geometric bent steel, black powder coated
  • Origin & Species || Europe, French Walnut
  • Estimated delivery time: 6-8 weeks
  • Alternative table bases are available

Please note, this exact piece has been sold, but all of our sold pieces are available to repurchase based on the same design.

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About the Timber


There are two distinct varieties of walnut – European, and American Black – and the colour and tone of the wood varies greatly between them. European (and English) Walnut has lighter, creamier tone with a very pale sap, while American Black Walnut creates much deeper chocolate-y notes – with a touch of purple thrown in there. It has a shallower grain than oak, so creates incredibly smooth, soft furniture when finished.

About the Metalwork

Geometric Flat Steel

This gorgeous base is crafted from 6mm thick steel – so it’s incredibly heavy and strong. The angles create a modern, bold profile, and a smooth coat of matt black powder contrasts beautifully against the rich tones of the walnut top.

About the Design

The Table

We like to think we’re immune from favouritism, but this walnut piece has to be up there. The undulating shape of the boards created the most natural flow down the table, and the twists in the boards allowed us to present three internal live edges down the centre. Magical.