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"My favourite room in a house is the dining room. You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together. So much happens over breakfast & dinner - stories, debates, laughs and sometimes tears (my nephew has just realised broccoli isn't all that bad). I've been in dining areas all over the world and there's nothing like sitting down for a meal with a friend, a family member, or even a stranger. I think I remember every good meal I've had - whether it was in the Caribbean sat on a small plastic chair at the side of the road, or nestled on the corner of a big Walnut dining table in Ireland."

JackWicked Team Member

"I was brought up believing the kitchen table is the heart of the house. No matter how busy my family would be during the day we always made time for breakfast together around that table. I love how everyone has their favourite position around the table too, I was forever kicking my sister out of my seat. At the end of the day it's important to have that anchor point in a home where you huddle up and regroup."

LucyWicked Team Member