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Live-edge furniture is popping up everywhere, and why wouldn’t it be? If you, like us, think wood is the most sophisticated and emotive material around, then it’s no wonder live edge is becoming increasing popular.

What makes live edge furniture so unique is that retains so much of the character of the natural wood, with the grain on full display and the undulations and imperfections of the live edge bringing home the natural representation of each piece of timber.

Live edge tables have an elegance that just can’t be matched. Showcasing the natural beauty of the wood in dining tables, coffee tables and more, creates a warming atmosphere in a home or workplace by bringing the beauty of the outside inside. Often modern decor trends lean towards monochrome & minimal shapes and colours, and we are all for it. However, sometimes an overload of contemporary styling can make a living space feel sterile and unfeeling. Adding a statement reclaimed wood table to a room will liven a space which has perhaps committed too much to one aesthetic, serving to invigorate other interior pieces by drawing attention to contrasting shapes and lines. For this reason, many businesses opt for large live edge conference tables to bring life into their business meetings. It is no secret that our work environment affects our productivity, and the beauty of a live edge table is known to facilitate creativity as well as serving as an aspirational focal point to employees and clients alike.

The beauty of a live-edge slab is truly in the eye of the beholder. That’s what’s so enticing about live edge and reclaimed wood furniture: bespoke. We have heard the word used to describe tailoring and even holidays, but the word truly takes on a new meaning when applied to live edge furniture. We see no two homes as the same, so why would their spaces share the same table? Every single live edge piece is truly one-of-a-kind; truly unique. Many will wish to try and retain the bark edge of the slab, while others will prefer to leave only the hardwood edge beneath the bark. As designers & creators, there are so many features that each individual slab blesses us with. We will sit with you and discuss what you love about other projects; the grain, the edge itself, the tone of the wood and much, much more.

Why choose live edge furniture? Wicked Mata
Why choose live edge furniture? Wicked Mata

Much of the beauty and simplicity of each project comes from the wood slab. All our wood is kiln dried and sourced from traditional sawmills across the UK, never exotic and always responsibly sourced. Our experts handpick the very best timber based on its grain, tone, knots and burls – features of the wood which help direct our designs. Then, based on your space, we will cut the piece to your specified dimensions. A table designed specifically for you. To see the impressive selection of slabs available in all standard thicknesses, sizes and species, you can Book a Consultation to visit our Workshop and see our inventory. This will give you an idea of what features and characteristics we will be looking for when we visit the sawmill to handpick the slab which will become your very own live edge table.

So why are tables made of salvaged & reclaimed wood becoming increasingly popular? The live edge tables our craftsmen build are handcrafted from sustainably harvested timber and are built to last. As decor trends come and go, live edge furniture remains. A staple which has remained in the psyche of those interested in timeless style, expert design & sustainability in recent years, live edge furniture encompasses all the facets of quality craftsmanship. A live edge table is to be cherished and passed down for generations; a true investment, and the heart of so many treasured moments in the home.

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